Wednesday, October 27, 2010

        "As magical as it may be, a perfume is above all the art of raw materials", confides Francois Demachy, Dior's Perfumer-Creator, for whom using the finest ingredients is a top priority. Monsieur Dior's thinks that "real luxury calls for real ingredients and real craftsmanship". 
       if someone would ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I would respond that  perfumer. I love to be in touch with different flagrances. I have many bottles of perfumes, but I'm really inlove with two. I received them as gifts from my mum..She has no smell since the accident and because of that she gave them to me..:D Lucky me.. They are both from the same creator and they both smell divine.

1. Dior Addict Shine

     Young, chic and sensual, "A Dior woman has to shine!". Introducing a new facet of Dior Addict, Addict Shine, is a luminous and dazzling fragrance. Dior Addict Shine is a reflection of John Galliano's style, ultra feminine, sophisticated and impactful. Let it radiate its fresh fruity and glowing charm with an unexpected citrus-y top note of cedrat, a fresh middle note of gardenias and raspberries and a sensual base note of cedar woods.I put this on right before I leave my house in the morning and I can still smell my wrists and feel satisfied late into the night! When first sprayed, it has this soft citrus scent, then dries down to a delicately sweet note. I love the fact that I smell sophisticated when I have it on me. This fragrance is only available in eau de toilet, but it definetely it deserves all the money..

2. Dior Hypnotic Poisson

Mysterious and mesmerizing, extravagant and bewitching, Hypnotic Poison is a magic potion for modern times. Audacious and profoundly feminine, the fragrance is an unsettling harmony, a fusion of contrasting olfactory facets. Notes:
Bitter Almond, Caraway Spice, Sambac Jasmine, Cinnamon, Tuberose, Vanilla, Musk, Mosses, Jucarunda Wood.
Hypnotizing. Extravagant. Bewitching.

shhhhh.... seduction's best kept secret. I love to switch up my regular scent with this magical potion on special occasions and those romantic dates.

its a very strong smelll, it starts off smelling like liccorice  and then turns into a vanilla-ish/rootbeer float type scent.  i could deffinetely say "hypnotic" cause you can't figure out what it smells like. i must say i sprayed it on me and lasted the whole day..The first time i felt the fragrance I thought that i just stepped into a french delicious bakery and i'm walking between stands full of cupcakes filled with vanilla cream, or maybe somewhere in the swiss alps in the middle of winter, at a hut with a cup of mulled wine with cinnamon, vanilla and apple. :D
        What fragrances you love or don't love? What's your perfume signature? What's the one you just don't see yourself without?

P.s   I's love to buy a Miss Dior, but maybe Santa will bring it to me ..:P 

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