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Written by Seabee

     New Dubai
      In my first article I said that there are now two parts to Dubai, the original historic city based around the Creek and 'New Dubai'. This time I will tell you something about New Dubai, which is the part that the world has learnt about because of the amazing developments. New Dubai is being built in what was really just desert areas outside the original city. There were a few roads, a few villas and farms but it was mostly empty desert. That is, until 2002. Then the development began.
     Now there are whole new cities, waterways, commercial centres, a huge new road network, a Metro rail system, shopping malls - the change is amazing and especially because it's all happened in the last eight years. Now New Dubai is many times larger than the original city.  New Dubai is where you'll find the world's tallest building, the world's tallest hotel, the world's largest man-made marina, the world's largest man-made island Palm Jumeirah and of course the symbol of Dubai which so many people now recognise, the seven star Burj Al Arab hotel. It's also where the beautiful beaches are located. Some are beach parks with a small entrance fee but there are also many kilometres of open free public beaches. Although the UAE is an Islamic country, and tourists must be aware of that, Dubai is very relaxed compared to other Gulf states. For example, your normal beachwear such as bikinis may be worn at the beach. In New Dubai you can stay in the style of accommodation and budget of your choice. Accommodation includes the best luxury beach resorts, city style hotels from 5* to budget, hotel apartments or even private apartments in areas such as Dubai Marina. You can take a Big Bus Tour of theis area too, which is a good way to see it. It's a hop-on hop-off service and your ticket is valid for 24 hours. 
         New Dubai has several amazing shopping malls, including the huge new Dubai Mall near Burj Khalifa, and Mall of the Emirates, which both have an amazing number of international designer brands.  There is also Ibn Battuta Mall, with incredible architecture and interior design. It has six courts, each one depicting an area which the Arab adventurer Ibn Battuta visited several hundred yars ago. Smaller but with an equally interesting design is Mercato Mall in Jumeirah, built in traditional Italian style with several indoor areas designed to give a sensation of being outside. Dubai's new Metro rail system is now operating between the airport, the city and New Dubai. Through New Dubai it's an elevated railway which runs alongside the main freeway, Sheikh Zayed Road. It has stations at many points on the journey including Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall.
         Next time I'll tell you something about the original city, or Old Dubai.

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