Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This yeard

     This year is my 25 th's one, so I wanna make it happy. I wanna be happy. I really wanna start laughing more and see the full part of the glass. I want more for me. So I thought to put on a list of things to do untill the end of the year.
- travel more- love to visit Athens, Albena, Amsterdam (yes I'm inlove with the city), Oslo and so many others;
- to learn how to make up as some of the talented girls on the blogs do
- to buy more clothes and high heel shoes and make up products
- to smile more
- to meet more with my friends
- to move to another country and maybe start all over
- to find a job that makes me happy
- to love and be truly loved
- to spend more time for me..

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